Company Profile


M G S (MGS) is a complete software creator and designer with focus on the Class-II, Pull-Tab and Charitable Gaming jurisdictions.  In the short time since the company’s introduction, it has proven to produce top level game play, creating demand on the floor by its players.
MGS also designs and manufactures a complete line of gaming cabinets and hardware solutions.  With the combination of software design and hardware manufacturing, MGS has the ability produce, control and support a superior turnkey gaming solution that has proven results to perform.

M G S Offers:

  • Complete line of Class-II, Pull-Tab and Charitable Gaming software
  • Flexible gaming software design and asset creation for specific gaming applications and jurisdictions
  • Full line of gaming cabinets and gaming related hardware technology for gaming and casino applications
  • Custom gaming cabinets and hardware engineering for specific gaming requirements
  • Stable management and ownership commitment for easy licensing and jurisdictional applications
  • Quick product manufacturing for fast time to market deployment
  • Committed to being flexible and responsive in working towards common goals with our customers and partners